Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Mantel RP

Shalee Lianne Cerra >  slips out the door and waits for him.
MantelGlobalIndustries > follows her out and lingers where she is.
Shalee Lianne Cerra >  glances down the walkway to make certain that they were alone before stepping closer. She moves elegantly as she tips her chin up, her eyes lingering on his. She stares at him for the briefest of moments as if waiting...
MantelGlobalIndustries >  gazes down into her eyes, narrowing the distance between the two to a very short distance. He raises his hand up towards her face, softly stroking her cheek. His head tilts slowly to the side as they stare off at each other.
Shalee Lianne Cerra > inhales a shallow breath, holding herself immobile as he strokes her cheek. Her head tilts ever-so-slightly, angling as if she were preparing herself to be kissed. Waiting. Her heart thumps at an erratic pace, but he has to be the one to kiss her, to prove her theory correct.
MantelGlobalIndustries > fingers drape down her cheek, running under her jawline. They lift her chin up ever so gently. with his other hand curling around the small of her back. His own heart is pounding away like a pneumatic drill hammering on concrete. His eyes close slowly and his lips lean into hers, pressing against them.
Shalee Lianne Cerra > heavy-lidded eyes close as she feels his lips press against hers. Any doubt that he was a spy for her ex dissipates the moment she feels his mouth upon hers. She arches against him, warm and feminine as she brushes her lips against his with infinite tenderness.
MantelGlobalIndustries > holds her close to him, not that he needed to give her any assistance in doing so. The fingers that supported her chin trace a path along her neck up so that he may grasp the back of her head, ruffling her hair. Although he doesn't want to, his lips are withdrawn from hers after a fleeting, but enjoyable moment. Still, he takes his time in doing so! I knew you'd skip dinner for dessert..." He breathes almost wordlessly.
Shalee Lianne Cerra >  laughs a soft little sound, every irritable thought, every annoying doubt having been soothed by the simple kiss. He has calmed her to the point that she sighs. "Sorry. I just had to know." She pulls away and smoothes her hands down her sundress, a nervous habit. "We should return, I think." She nods her head to the cafe.
MantelGlobalIndustries > pulls her back in after she has smoothed her wonderfully decorative dress. Oh woe, he's crumpled it again! "Perhaps we should... perhaps we should..." He whispers into her ear, purring the words. "But would it hurt if we shared a few more minutes?"
MantelGlobalIndustries >  smiles. It's an affectionate look, even if he is being incredibly greedy right now.
Shalee Lianne Cerra >  grins as he pulls her closer once more. "I suppose another moment or two won't hurt." Plus, she liked the feel of his arms and the warmth of his breath against her ear-- it sent a frisson of desire snaking down her spine. A dangerous feeling, especially since she barely knows him, and yet, she's so keen on trusting him. Her arms slip around his waist.
MantelGlobalIndustries > smile broadens into a grin too, as he does kiss her again... but this time on the neck below the ear in which he whispered his honeyed words. More followed, creating a path that led to her lips once more. He's obsessed and yet he cannot help himself! Any qualms he may have had have long since been vanquished, as his arms encircle her back.
Shalee Lianne Cerra > curls her fingers into the fabric of his shirt as she offers him her mouth, enjoying the erotic sensations humming through her blood. She sighs into his mouth, a sweet sound of surrender. She deepens the kiss, kissing him until she is almost breathless before she pulls back simply to catch her breath.
MantelGlobalIndustries >  grasps the back of her dress, holding on to steady her as she very nearly caused the both of them to asphyxiate with the passion flowing between them. He inhales deeply, exhaling with an equally deep movement through his nose, his eyes resting on hers. Is he letting her regain her stamina or is he done? Who knows.
Shalee Lianne Cerra > wonders if he can feel the galloping of her heart beating wildly against her chest. Her blue eyes stare unblinking into his as she tries to force her heart rate to slow to a trot. A pang of longing shoots through her and she wants more but knows that it is so very risky. She should force herself to pull away but doesn't. She is immobile.
MantelGlobalIndustries > "Blink... I'll still be here." He waits for her to collect herself. The outside of a coffee shop isn't exactly the best place for anything further to happen.
Shalee Lianne Cerra > laughs, the lustful mood abating. "I'm sorry." She drops her gaze, embarrassed.
MantelGlobalIndustries > titters. "You're sorry? I didn't realize you had transgressed against me..." He speaks in a hushed tone, ruffling the auburn strands of her hair with a freed hand.
Shalee Lianne Cerra > I don't know what to make of you.
MantelGlobalIndustries >  is quick to reassure her. "Do you want to know what I make of you?"
Shalee Lianne Cerra > gives a little nod of her head.
MantelGlobalIndustries >  leans in, as if to impart a most secret bit of information. "A splendid kisser."
Shalee Lianne Cerra > laughs, enjoying every moment with him. The shadow of her ex suddenly falls across her thoughts and she pulls back slightly. If he wasn't working for him, then he needed to be warned. "I... want to tell you something, if I may."
MantelGlobalIndustries >  nods twice. "Go ahead."
Shalee Lianne Cerra > "I was worried that you might have been working for my ex-husband... he is a jealous man. We aren't together, but he doesn't want to accept that. Anyhow. By you kissing me, I am assured that you can't be working for him. Therefore... you might... want to be aware." A look of fear clouds her eyes. "He's a dangerous man."
MantelGlobalIndustries >  head bobs as he processes that new bit of information. "I can see why he would be a bit possessive, you know." A rogue hand trails up her back and over her shoulder. "And envy would only be natural. I think I can handle him, whomever he is..." He sounds confident, but whether he is or not is another question. "Besides, don't secret agents of others do whatever it takes to get into bed with the foe?" He chuckles. "Whether that is taken literally or not..."
Shalee Lianne Cerra >  lays her hands against his chest and sighs, "Don't toy with me. I can't bear it. I've driven myself mad wondering what your agenda has been all this time." She absently trails her fingers over the fabric of his shirt. "It's more than a bit possessive..." her brows draw together. "He is uhm... murderous. Rather, has been. If he knows of this... kiss, or whatever this is, then he might threaten you." Or, literally, everyone I know.
Shalee Lianne Cerra > Perhaps we should keep it a secret.
MantelGlobalIndustries >  feels her hands rest on him, bringing her close for an embrace. "A poor joke and I apologize." He perches his chin on her head, just as someone used to do to him a very long time ago. "If that would make you feel more confident and safe, then we can. I do not wish for you to be uncomfortable if I am around."
MantelGlobalIndustries > grins again. "Does this mean I have to use the secret tunnel in the cellar of the castle to gain entry in the dead of night?"
Shalee Lianne Cerra > "I wish for you to be comfortable." She is suddenly filled with doubt when he claims that he will keep it a secret. Perhaps he wasn't strong enough to withstand whatever lies in her future. She pulls back, "No, of course not. Anyhow, I should get back inside. We can talk about things later at some point."
MantelGlobalIndustries > "Aw, I was kind of hoping I would! We should, yes. I'll need to head off, but... it was wonderful seeing you tonight."
Shalee Lianne Cerra > nods with a little blush coloring her cheeks and throat. "Goodbye, Edward." She wiggles her fingers at him before heading for the entrance to the cafe.
MantelGlobalIndustries > flushes red, placing his hand over his heart and then towards her. He makes his way back to his ship.

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